Advanced Public Speaking

You Can Be a Great Speaker | taught by TJ Walker
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Course Curriculum

More Advanced Techniques
How to Prepare and Use Notes in a Speech
Why You Should Never Memorize a Speech
How to Keep Your Audience's Attention
How to Speak in Front of a Big Crowd
How to Handle a Heckler
How to Deliver a Eulogy
How to Make an Acceptance Speech
How to Introduce Another Speaker
How to Make a Speech Powerful and Persuasive
How to Make Prepared Remarks as Good as Your Q and A
Can Public Speaking be learned or is it natural born?
A Positive Attitude for Public Speaking
What if You are asked a question You Can't Answer?
Should I warn my audience I will be boring?
If my allotted speaking time is cut, what should I eliminate?
How to Move around while Making a Speech
How to Deal with People Texting during Your Speech
Taking Beta Blockers to Calm Your Nerves
Using Alcohol to Calm Your Nerves before a Speech
How to Make a Toast
How to Use Body Language during a Speech
How to Use a Lectern or Podium When Giving a Speech
What to Do with Your Hands when Making a Speech Public Speaking
How to Sound Conversational in a Speech
How to Give a Motivational Speech
How to Give a Sales Presentation
How to Dress for a Speech
How to to Use a Teleprompter
How to Recover from Making a Mistake in a Speech
How to Give a Technical Speech
How to Make a Presentation in High School or College
How to Stop Saying Um and Ah when You Speak
How Women Should Alter their Voice during a Speech?
How to Make Eye Contact with Your Audience
Should You Wear Glasses during a Speech
How to Deal with Malfunctions during a Speech
How to Smile during a Speech
Have a Public Speaking Improvement Plan
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Course description

This course covers 100 topics related to all aspects of public speaking, presenting, PowerPoint presentations and talks. Complex issues are broken down into simple steps that anyone can follow-if they Deidre to be an excellent public speaker. Anyone can learn to be a great speaker, if they follow a set process.

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