Media Training for Secular Activists

How to create media messages, answer questions, speak in sound bites and appear confident in front of the news media | taught by TJ Walker
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Course Curriculum

Media Training for Secular Activists Overview
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Closing Thoughts
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Bonus Videos
How to Eliminate Nerves Before TV Interviews
How to Tell If Your Media Interview Was Effective
If You Forgot What to Say in a Media Interview
Should You Wear Glasses for a TV Interview?
How to Look Good for Your Skype Video Interview
How to Make a YouTube Video Via a Webcam
What is Media Training?
5 Step Walker Method of Media Training
Should You Take Beta Blockers?
How to Speak Into a Microphone
How to Think on Your Feet
Crisis communications
Emergency Preparation for Interviews
Media Interviews, How to Get the Questions in Advance
Media Stars Enjoy Interviews
Worst Television Interview Ever
How to Give a Great Radio Interview Over the Phone
Top Three Media Interview Mistakes
What if You Hate Your Voice
How to Do a Satellite TV Interview
What Makes Great Media Communicators Great
How to Use a Teleprompter for Newscasts
Never Say 'No comment'
How to Avoid saying Uh and Um
What is the Difference Between Mediocre Media Training and Great Training?
How to Stall a Reporter
What Ground Rules Should Media Interviews Have?
Should You Memorize Your Media Messages?
What Equipment do You Need to Conduct a Media Training?
What is the Best Camera for Making Internet Video?
Media Skills are Learned, Not Bred
Which Media Form is Most Effective
Media Training Tips for Talk Radio
What if a Reporter Misquotes You?
How to Brainstorm Media Messages
What if Reporters are Stupid, Lazy or Dumb?
Don't Wait for Reporters to Ask Questions
How to Turn Sound Bites On and Off
How and When to Be a Sound Bite Machine
Return Reporters' Phone Calls
Never Act Defensive in a Media Interview
Don't Lie to the Media
How to Stall for Time if a Reporter Calls
When to Speak Off the Record
Don't Time Stamp Your Media Answers
How to Fight Media Bias
Don't Ask Reporters to Read Back Your Quotes
Don't Wait for Reporters to Call You
Crisis Communications, Don't Let Lawyers Run the Show
How the Media Can Make or Break Your Career
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Course description

Imagine debating your local or national TV preacher or theocratic politician on TV or radio and winning! You can look comfortable on TV, deliver a clear and understandable message, and speak in memorable sound bites. You can communicate your secular activist principles and worldview to the media and to the nation.

Currently, the forces against secular thinking are better at controlling and even owning the media. That's why they define the terms of debate. But it doesn't have to be this way. a new generation of secular activists is speaking out and gaining massive coverage in the mainstream media. You can be a part of this at the local or even national level.

Communicating through the media isn't just about money or looks or power. There are basic skills that anyone can master in order to make yourself more attractive, more interesting and more quotable to the media. This course will teach you exactly how to do this.

TJ Walker is a highly experienced media trainer and the author of numerous books and online training programs. he is also a secular activist who has appeared on national TV and radio thousands of times battling the Promise Keepers and other anti-secular organizations and causes.

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