Political Candidate Media and Public Speaking Training

Everything a political candidate needs to know about giving speeches and speaking to the media during a campaign | taught by TJ Walker
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Course Curriculum

Public Speaking
What are Your Speech Goals?
The Stump Speech
Brainstorm Every Topic and Message for Your Speech
How to start a speech
What is Your Water Cooler Message?
You Must Communicate with the Head and the Heart
Spell Out Benefits for Your Audience
Don't Make Your Speech a Data Dump
Writing a Speech
How Many Points Should Your Presentation Cover?
Magical Phrase for Every Speech
How to Start a Speech with an Icebreaker
What to Do if You Don't Like Your Voice
How to Speak with Confidence
How to Prepare a Speech
How to Give a Formal Speech
How to Put Your Audience at Ease
How to Pace a Speech
Tell 'em what I'm gonna tell 'em, tell 'em
Public Speaking Rules You Should Never Break
How to Recover from Making a Mistake
How can I find out whether my presentation worked
How to Handle Questions from the Audience
Should I read my speech so that I don't make any mistakes?
What to Do if You're Losing Your Audience
How to Prepare and Use Notes in a Speech
How to Handle a Heckler
Should I Rehearse My Speech and for how long?
How do I remember what to say in a presentation?
Why You Should Never Memorize a Speech
How to Make a Speech Powerful and Persuasive
How to Stop Saying Um and Ah when You Speak
How to Speak in Front of a Big Crowd
What if You are asked a question You Can't Answer?
Should I warn my audience I will be boring?
A Positive Attitude for Public Speaking
If my allotted speaking time is cut, what should I eliminate?
How to Move around while Making a Speech
How to Make Eye Contact with Your Audience
How to to Use a Teleprompter
How to Give a Motivational Speech
How to Sound Conversational in a Speech
How to Recover from Making a Mistake in a Speech
How to Make Prepared Remarks as Good as Your Q and A
What to Do with Your Hands when Making a Speech Public Speaking
Have a Public Speaking Improvement Plan
How to Use a Lectern or Podium When Giving a Speech
How to Close a Speech
Video Practice
Conclusion Public Speaking
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Media Training
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Course description

You will learn how to speak to voters through speeches, presentations, debates and media interviews. The course will help you develop a stump speech and learn how to master the media. In politics, the better communicator usually wins. While paid advetising and deep pockets are still important, the most potent force in any successful campaign is the candidate speaking and communicating effectively

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