Course Description

Public Speaking 2018 teaches you everything you need to know to be a great presenter in current times. From speaking to live audiences to Facebook Live to PowerPoint--this course will give you the skills you need to come across your best, be understood, have your message remembered and get result.

President, Media Training Worldwide

TJ Walker

TJ Walker is the founder of Media Training Worldwide and has been conducting public speaking training workshops and seminars since 1984. Walker has trained Presidents of countries, Prime Ministers, Nobel Peace Prize winners, Super Bowl winners, U.S. Senators, Miss Universes and Members of Parliament.His book, "Secret to Foolproof Presentations" was a USA Today #1 Bestseller, as well as a Wall Street Journal, and Business Week Bestseller.  A frequent network news communications analyst, Walker has made more than 2000 network TV and radio appearances on CBS, ABC, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, CNN, Bloomberg TV, Al Jazeera, NBC, CCTV, Fox Business, HLN, TrueTV, Comedy Central, Sirius and NPR.In 2009, Walker entered the Guinness Book Of World Records for most talk show appearances ever in a 24 hour period. Yearly, Walker has more than a quarter of a million views of his public speaking tips videos on social media platforms.Walker is also the author of "Media Training A-Z" and "Media Training Success." Walker is also the producer/host The Facebook Page "TJ Walker - Speak to Influence" a source of daily public speaking training videos, tips and inspiration. He is also a past president of the National Speakers Association, New York City.Walker is the most prolific producer of presentation skills online training courses in the world, with more than 100 separate courses. He has more than 50,000 students enrolled from 172 countries.Walker was a merit scholar at Duke University where he graduated magna cum laude. He has lectured or conducted trainings at Yale University, Columbia University and Princeton University.***“TJ Walker’s single-minded devotion to presentation has made him the #1 expert for executives seeking guidance on speaking to the public and media.” Bob Bowdon, Anchor/Reporter, Bloomberg Television“TJ Walker is the leading media trainer in the world.” Stu Miller, Viacom News Producer“The world’s leading presentation and media training firm.” Gregg Jarrett, Fox News Channel Anchor“To break through the cluttered media environment, it's important to get your message out in a clear and concise way. TJ knows how to do it and gives you the tips to succeed."

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Your Speaking Goals Will Be Achieved

    • You Can Become an Excellent Speaker and Presenter

    • Note: This Course Will Require "Flash" on Your Computer or Cell Phone in Order to Record and Watch Videos

    • Reminder to Sign up for the LIVE Video Component of the Course

    • Please Let Me Introduce You to Your Personal Public Speaking Coach

    • What Are YOUR Goals for This Public Speaking Class

    • Stand Up and CRITIQUE Yourself

    • The FOUR Most Important Speaking Skills

    • Reminder to Sign Up for Next Live Video Training Session with TJ

    • The Ultimate RESULTS-Driven Guarantee for This Course

    • Reminder-You Have Access to all 100 Online Communications Courses Here

    • The ONE Thing Is...

    • Feedback

    • I Will Answer Any and ALL of Your Speaking Questions Here

  • 2

    You Will Look and Sound Completely Confident and Relaxed

    • You Will Be Judged Like A Book - Use This to Your Advantage

    • The #1 TRICK To Becoming Supremely Confident Before Any Speech or Presentation

    • When a Superbowl Winner Is and Isn't Your Role Model

    • Your FORMAL Presentations Will Now Be Relaxing

    • You Can Use Your Best Voice Every Time

    • You Are In GREAT Company if You Don't Love How You Look and Sound

    • Conquer ANY and EVERY Stage

    • Print Out This Assessment Form For Your Next Exercise

    • Now It's Time for Your Presentation

    • The SYSTEM for Improving One Step At a Time

    • Holding Yourself Truly ACCOUNTABLE

  • 3

    Your Audience Will Understand You

    • How to Get Your Audience to Do the ONE Thing You Want Them to Do

    • Solve the #1 PROBLEM Plaguing Most Speakers - Too Much Data

    • Write Down Your Top Five Messages

    • The MAGIC of One HANDFUL

    • Reminder of 100s of Other Videos and Courses Available to You Here

    • Don't Be Greedy - Focus On Five Messages, Even in Longer Presentations

    • Stand UP and Speak Now

  • 4

    Tell the Story of Your Life

    • This DEVICE Is the Single Biggest Difference Between Great Speakers and Awful Ones

    • Become a MASTER Storyteller

    • The Time a Talk Show Host Pulled a GUN on Me

    • How to Use Stories When Giving TECHNICAL Presentations

    • Your Turn to Craft and DELIVER Your Story

    • Packaging Insights for Your Audience Using Stories

    • Improving Your Story Telling

  • 5

    Instead of DEATH by PowerPoint, Why Not Life by PowerPoint?

    • PowerPoint Can Be The BEST Thing Ever, Not the WORST Thing Ever

    • How to Show Your PowerPoint Slide Who Is Boss

    • The Hollywood Trick To Making Slides Work On the Big Screen

    • Let Your Audience READ When and Where They Want to Read

    • How To Discover If I Am LYING to You

    • The Secret Sauce of Great Communicators And It's Not CHARISMA

    • Multi-Tasking Doesn't Just KILL on the Highways

    • You Can Now Deliver a COMPELLING Slide Presentation

    • You Can Now Deliver a COMPELLING Slide Presentation

    • The Poor Person's TelePrompTer Does Not Have To Trap You

    • CHEATING Your Way to a Great Public Speaking Reputation

    • When Special Effects Aren't So SPECIAL

  • 6

    There Is Nothing Soft About Public Speaking Skills--They Are Measurable

    • Introducing a Fantastic New Speaker

    • Go Through This Speech with a FINE Tooth Comb

    • The Magic IMPROVEMENT Metric

    • Testing Your Presentation In ADVANCE

    • Here's How You Pass the Test

    • TJ Will Now Give You a PERSONALIZED Critique of Your Speech

  • 7

    Conclusion - Your Public Speaking Future

    • Reminder You Can Gain Access to 100 Other Speaking Courses Here At No Extra Charge

    • A Long-term IMPROVEMENT Plan for You Speaking Skills

    • One Last Speech

    • BONUS - Here Is a Short Speaking Gig for You Right Now

    • Your Public Speaking Insurance Policy Can Be Redeemed

    • Don't Forget Your 2nd Live Video Session with TJ Walker

    • Developing Strong Public Speaking Skills Can Change Your LIFE

    • Congratulations and Goodbye from TJ

  • 8

    Bonus Reading

    • Secret to Foolproof Presentations

    • Public Speaking Success

  • 9

    Additional Resources

    • More Online Courses at NO Charge

  • 10

    Bonus Video Resources

    • How to Speak Like Ronald Reagan

    • How to Speak Like Barack Obama