Course curriculum

  • 1

    Organize the Life You Want to Live!

    • Complete Organization Masterclass - Organize - Decluttering Promo video

    • Quick Win! Throw Away or Give away One Thing Every Day

    • Organize Your Life for Maximum Joy and Fulfillment

    • Brutal Honesty Is Required for the Well-Organized Life

    • The Messy Desk of the Mad Creative Genius Won't Work for You

    • Great Feedback Is Central to Improving Organization in Your Life

    • Never Feel Guilty About Being Disorganized

    • More Decluttering and Enhanced Productivity Lead to the Well-Organized Life

    • Organize Your Life Around this One Question

  • 2

    Live a Clutter-Free Life!

    • This Course Will Take You Much Deeper than the Clutter in Your Home

    • Marie Kondo Is Great! This Is How We Add to Her Insights

    • Make Sure Your Stuff Is Here To Serve You, and Not the Other Way Around

    • Living a Decluttered Life Can Be as Easy As Talking a Selfie

    • Throw It Away If You can Replace it for X$ or Less

    • Turn Your Default Decision Making Process Into a Decluttering Machine

    • Sell Your Stuff To Other People, and Here Is How To Do It

    • Free is Never Free. Say NO to FREE

    • You Must Schedule Time On Your Calendar for Decluttering and Organizing

    • Decluttering This Course for You Now

    • 2 Mega Concepts 1. Throw Away Stuff 2. Stop Buying Stuff You Don't Need

    • Make Sure You Are Not a Hoarder

    • A Better Deal than Self-Storage...Pouring Your Money Down the Drain

    • Find Your WHY Motivating You to Declutter

    • It's Not Always about Being a Minimalist, It's About Maximizing Your Life

  • 3

    A Stronger Framework for Decluttering Your World

    • 1 The Overabundance of Stuff is Crowding Out Thought

    • 3. Easiest solution don_t buy junk in the First Place

    • 5 Throw Stuff Away To Clear Your thoughts

    • 6 Get Ready for Your Selfie speak audio

    • 7 You Control Your Possessions

    • 7 You Control Your Posessions

  • 4

    Decluttering Your Home, Office and Life starts with Decluttering Your Brain

    • Dealing With the Source Of Disorganization in Your Brain

    • 1 The Easiest Way to Rewire Your Brain

    • 2 Passive Brainwashing for You

    • 3. Don_t Overcomplicate this Make the Simplest Audio Production Ever

    • 1 No Problem If You Hate Technology

    • 2 Simple Solutions to Common Problems When Making Uour Audios

    • 3 Nobody Likes the Sound of their Own Voice

    • 4. Improving Every Single SelfieSpeak Audio

    • Time to Make Your Own Decluttering SelfieSpeak Program (SSP)

  • 5

    Home Improvement - Declutter Your Home Starting With Your Bedroom

    • You Can Have a clutter-Free Bedroom

    • Make Your Own Darn Bed

    • Keeping Clothes You Love

    • Shoes are Great, but Not The Ones You Never Wear

    • The Digital Detox for Your Bedroom

    • Get Rid Of Other Stuff That Doesn't Belong In Your Bedroom

  • 6

    Declutter Your Kitchen

    • Imagine the Beauty of a Clean, Clutter-Free Kitchen

    • Journey to the Back of Your Refrigerator

    • When, Exactly, Is the Last time You Used That Food Processor

    • Making Sure You Are Eating 21st Century Food

    • While You are Organizing Your Kitchen, Get Rid of Food That Is Killing You

  • 7

    Declutter Your Garage

    • Your Car Can and Should Fit In Your Garage

    • Eliminate Your Graveyard of Indecision

    • Tool Time for Inventory

    • Get It Off the Floor of Your Garage

  • 8

    Declutter the Rest of Your House

    • You Don't have to Be Instagram-Worthy, But...

    • You Don't Need a Storage Room

    • Touch Every Object In Your House Now and Reflect

    • Junk Your Junk Mail Now

    • You Aren't obligated to Become a Permanent Museum for Wedding Presents

  • 9

    Your Kids Can Be Guided Toward Clutter-Free Living

    • Your Kids Can Help, Not Hurt, Your efforts to Declutter - Really!

    • Here Is How You Can Ethically Bribe Your Kids to Get Rid of Old Toys

    • Make Your Own Bed Kid!

  • 10

    You Can Have a Yard You Are Proud Of

    • Your Yard Can Be Clean and Attractive

    • The Sun, Rain, and Wind Are Great Clutter-Creating Machines

    • Figure Out What Is Natural Versus What Is Unsightly Weeds

  • 11

    Your Car Can Look Great, Inside and Out

    • Your Car is Not a Pantry

    • Make Your Car a Joy to Enter

    • Put a Garbage Can In Your Car

    • Wash The Outside and Inside of Your Car Occasionally

    • You Can Put More Than Gloves in Your Glove Compartment, But...

    • Never Confuse Your Car with a Free Mobile Self-Storage Unit

  • 12

    Oops, We Almost Forgot the Attic and Basement

    • Sure, You Could Use Your Attic and Basement for Storage, But...

    • Make Sure You Aren't Storing a Fire Hazard

    • Don't Force Your Kids To Sort Through Your Junk When You Die

    • Your Attic Is Not Auditioning for a Role In an Old Movie

  • 13

    Create A Home Office You Look Forward to Stepping Into Each Day

    • Your Home Office Can look Inviting and Conducive for Work

    • Never Touch Paper More Than Once

    • Look At Email Once and Deal With It

    • Your Home Office Needs to Look Good and Impress One Person You

    • Nobody Is Impressed With Your Book Collection Get Rid Of books You Don't Use

    • Don't Fool Yourself, You Are Not More Creative With a Messy Desk

  • 14

    Don't Let Your Computer Be a Digital Clutter Magnet

    • Your Clutter-Free Computer

    • 238 Limit How Often You Check Your Email

    • 239 Shorter Is Better

    • 240 Use Your Subject Line to Maximum Advantage

    • 241 Create Categories and Folders for Your Email

    • 242 Make Your Email Address Top Secret Or At Least Semi-Secret

    • 243 Don't Respond to Email Unless Absolutely Necessary

    • 244 Productive People Still Use Old, Boring Email Newsletters Because They Work

    • 245 What You Need to Know About Texting to Enhance Productivity

    • Email Isn't Going Away

    • Don't Let Email Consume Your Day

    • Once a Day, Your Email Box Needs to Be Empty

  • 15

    Miscellaneous Areas Of Life You May Need to Declutter

    • A Few Other Areas to Declutter

    • Never Check a Suitcase or Bag When Traveling

    • Purses, Wallets, and Briefcases - Don't Turn Them Into Dumping Grounds

    • Time to Declutter Negative People from Your Life

  • 16

    Reducing Clutter to Your Brain

    • Clear Out the Garbage that is Cluttering Up Your Brain

    • Declutter Your Brain by Writing a Daily Journal

    • 1 The Source of Your Pollution

    • 2 A News Junkie is still a Junkie

    • 3 Your Perfect Media Diet

  • 17

    The #1 Source of Clutter in Your Life Is Your Cell Phone

    • Gain Mastery Over Your Cell Phone

    • 5 Cell Phone Hygiene

    • 6 Block, Tackle, Turn Off

    • 7 Schedule Your Cell Phone Time for maximum Productivity and Happiness

    • 8 SelfieSpeak Audio to Gain Control of Your Cell Phone

    • 8 SelfieSpeak Audio to Gain Contorl of Your Cell Phone

  • 18

    Declutter Your Body Now

    • Stop Throwing Garbage and Junk In Your Mouth

    • 1 The Third Big Overabundance

    • 2 It Is OK to Be Hungry Occasionally

    • 3 Everything You Need to know About Eating

    • 4 Don_t Worry about How You Look to Others But How Your Body Feels to You

    • 5 Most of Us Have to fight the Battle of the Bulge

    • 6 Stop looking for the magic Bullet, Pill or Potion

    • 7 There are No Obese 95 year olds

    • 8 Gimmicks Don_t Work in the Longrun

    • 9 It_s hard to Create or Transform If You Are Stuffing Your Face all Day Long

    • 10 There is No Sugar-Coating it, Everything Is covered with Sugar These Days

    • 11 You Need a Way to Eat in the Real World

    • 12 Yes Fad Diets Will Work In the Shortterm

    • 13 Eating with Mindfulness Is the Answer

    • 14 Water Is the Go-To Beverage

    • 15 Name Your Weight

    • 16 Eat Until Full and Stuffed, Or Satisfied

    • 17 Plan for Big Temptations With a Healthy Snack

    • 18 Vitamins or Not

    • 19 Weigh Yourself Daily

    • 20 Get Ready for Your Own SelfieSpeak Audio for Your Own Food Consumption

    • 21 Eat to Live SelfieSpeak Audio

    • 21 Eat to Live SelfieSpeak Audio

  • 19

    Conclusion - Your New, Well-Organized Life

    • Please Share What Organizing Tips Work for You

    • Please Help Organize this Course Even More Effectively

    • Congratulations! You are Now Ready to Live a Well-Organized Life