TJ Walker

How to Speak to Large Audiences

Appear confident, relaxed and engaged no matter how many people are watching you

TJ Walker

Media Training for Beginners

How to prepare for media interviews, even if you are scared and have never been interviewed before in your life.

TJ Walker

How to Deliver Technology Presentations

Complex messages can be presented in a clear, understandable and memorable way

TJ Walker

How to Deliver an Elevator Pitch

You can communicate one good idea and give someone a reason to want to take a meeting with you in less than 30 seconds

TJ Walker

How to Create a Digital TV Network

You can create and produce your own TV network on YouTube. Engage your community with Video, not just text.

TJ Walker

How to Ask for a Raise

A step-by-step plan to prepare you for asking and receiving a pay raise. There is a process to making your case.